Saturday, May 3, 2008

krispy kreme squirrel baby

I was walking back to my car from taking some sobersided architectural views of the Olney Gallery on West 14th Street in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood when I spotted a small bundle of commotion on the tree lawn up ahead. It was a remarkably fearless baby squirrel having a furious go at what I first thought was a toadstool but realized was a duplex doughnut, the two creme-filled confections stuck together by their sugary coating. I stopped. The little dickens kept at his repast. Occasionally he would eyeball me, but gave no indication that he would even consider relinquishing his treasure. Mostly he was all about the doughnuts, twisting this way and that to attack them from every angle.

I moved in close with my little pocket digital, till I was kneeling no more than three and a half feet from him, and snapped away while he fed his sugar and fat cravings.

If squirrels have memories, this will be a blissful one for him.

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Akimbo said...

That little tree rat reminds me of those early morning runs to Bodner's. I'm glad you have too many blogs--you're taking up the slack of my not-yet-launched blog.